About Al-qadriyyah

Al-Qadriyyah - An introduction

Al-Qadriyyah started as a college of Islamic studies, but developed into an educational organization whose main aims are based around spreading the education and producing scholars who are able to carry out dawah work in the society and fulfil the needs of the time. 

The aim is to adopt an educational system which will blend the modern education as well as the classical Islamic education to produce scholars who are ready to serve the modern society. This includes thoroughly reviewing and restructuring the syllabus of Islamic studies, in such a way that will prove to be beneficial in the modern times, and arranging seminars, discussions and debates, so that the students develop the ability to tackle the objections on various platforms, and can assume the work of dawah once they leave the institution. To achieve the highest standards of education, Al-Qadriyyah intends to adopt modern resources and technology

Al-Qadriyyah also aims to carry out educational activities on the community level across the globe. This will include holding regular gatherings and seminars with top scholars to highlight the important issues and challenges of the time to bring the public closer to the educational and practical aspect of Islam.

Our entire teachings, educational activities and dawah efforts will be based upon the teachings of honourable Sufiaa (the mystics) of Islam, especially Sayyidi Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani may Allah be pleased with him, hence the name Al-Qadriyyah.